The Punchkins Story

What the heck is a Punchkin?

Punchkins are a new brand of collectible plush gifts stuffed with personality. They’re designed to be a highly relatable plush gift waiting for you to give your favorite people. From cute and cuddly to smart and sassy, there’s sure to be the perfect Punchkin to give for any occasion. 

Who We Are

Punchkins is a bite-sized brand founded in 2022 by Steve Wampold. Steve has spent over 20 years in the toy and gift industry and is obsessed with coming up with unique products that make people feel good. From our HQ in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Steve and the small energetic team draw inspiration from dad jokes, trends, puns, and all things funny for the next one-of-a-kind Punchkin design. 

Punchkins continuously brings new styles to market. We encourage you to browse our current collection. We’re sure you’ll find at least one Punchkin that will make you LOL and  represents how you or someone you know feels. 

Who’s your Punchkin?