The Punchkins Story

What the heck is a Punchkin?

Punchkins is a new brand of collectible plushies that are STUFFED with personality. Each plushie is designed with love and laughter and is created to be a highly relatable gift that you can give to your favorite people. From cute and cuddly to smart and sassy (and everything in between), there’s a perfect Punchkin to give for any occasion.

Our plushies aren’t just plush toys; they’re the punniest conversation starters you’ll ever meet. Each Punchkin features a punny punchline that’s tailored to their personality. But if our witty wordplay isn’t enough, their expressive eyes and cute, dangly legs make our plushies even more lovable. Each plushie has a weighted bottom, which allows them to sit upright no matter where you put them. That makes them the perfect accent piece for any home, office, couch, or really, any space you want.

Who We Are

Steve Wampold founded Punchkins in 2022. After spending more than 20 years in the toy and gift industry, he decided to share his passion for puns with the world. Steve is dedicated to creating unique products that make people feel good and laugh out loud. From our HQ in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Steve and his small, energetic team draw inspiration from dad jokes, trends, puns, and all things funny for the next one-of-a-kind Punchkin design.

Punchkins continuously brings new styles to market. We’re confident that after browsing our current collection, you’ll find at least one Punchkin (but probably more) that will make you LOL and say, “I just gotta have it.”

But don’t just take our word for it! See what retailers are saying:

"Not only are my customers obsessed with these sassy plushies, but I also have decorated my office with them too. They bring so much joy and laughter. A+ product! You have a wholesale client for life!"

- Hilarious Humanitarian

Who’s your Punchkin?

Check out our collections to find your Punchkin today!