The Punchkins Story

The love of puns, cheeky humor and a lifetime of creating humorous, whimsical consumer giftable products led Steve Wampold to create Punchkins in 2022.

“Nothing satisfies me more than putting a smile on someone’s face. I love designing products that make people laugh. Punchkins are an extension of the twelve-year-old boy in me: a little punchy and sarcastic, but genuinely well-meaning. They’re fun to give and create smiles that will brighten up your world."

Our mission at Punchkins is to produce unique and irreverent plush gifts for all people who never want to grow up.  Our original designs are created with the highest quality ultra soft plush materials, and the punchlines are all embroidered offering affordable yet collectible plush gifts.

All of our punchkins are designed in the USA.  We are based in central Connecticut, USA and your orders will ship via USPS and UPS from Winston-Salem, NC